It was Sunday night, walking along the lonely streets after a tiresome journey. Total silence except the creepy sound of crickets. Smell of sweat etching my nose. Street lights dim and bright. Reminded me of laser disco but I was not in mood. The dinner was horrible, it has put up a huge weight on my belly. All I just wanted was a bed. Passing the streets, there was a lady standing surrounded by couple of men, gazing. I didn’t care about her job instead I set my mind. She’s is a girl of need. And that’s the most pleasing for a man to describe a woman. Even though she isn’t.

These days women are soo bold, what a Bitch I smilled. Is the girl fine were the men threatening her? Nothing came to my mind even though I’m good at gossips. The two were coming close and she possessed anxiety and extreme tense. I pretended like I was from an alien land though I’ve been passing through the street for over a decade. No worries I had. Someone was pulling my leg, just a few metres I motivated my leg. Finally destination, THE BED. And it was the end of that day.

Who was the girl standing in the street?
I’ve never seen her before?
Who were the men, gaping at her?
Is she fine? Or raped?
Is she alive?
Why didn’t I help her?
I could have saved her,just by a call?
Is anything worrying me?
Do I need to feel guilty?

In the morning I’ve buried all these questions.
I’m safe like ever before. What a night I smilled. At the mirror.

# AM MENON writes


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