Fleet inside my hip, while moving my fingers around my navel, I felt the cut. It isn’t bleeding but there was a fire red cut line .
Sure it’s from the belt buckle. Damn, doesn’t happen usually. He is new?. It didn’t matter me . Infact was getting irritated as seconds passed by. But i never put it on my face, the feeling so called frustration.

I had incidents were i was let unpaid and beaten at the end of the scenario . I’ve lost and they’d gained.
Is there anything that i haven’t lost yet. Virginity, Money, Family, Love. Sounds crap.
The young guy came after having a shower. Still i could see shyness in his pale face, even though I’m dressed. He couldn’t control his anxiety and his bulging red eyes. His eyes started to target my blouse hooks. He’s still in Mood. Dirty Asshole

He held me on to the wall. Kissed my forehead and pulled me closer to him. He was pressing the cut and it pained. The phone rang, he kept the money on the table and walked off in hurry, so as i who grabbed it. FIVE THOUSAND. I touched my cut it wasn’t paining then. Normally people pay me, maximum Three Thousand and this is double BONANZA.
Knock on the door and a bald headed man came in. Finished i said. The rooms are full, he smiled. I slowly came down the stairs. Fixed my Bindi looking at the rear view mirror of a car parked in front of the lobby. VOLKS WAGEN I read, looks luxurious flat and white. I ran my fingers over the car. Ahh dirty white, dirt on my fingers, i rubbed on my head.

In this street you can see a million ladies like me. In an election it’s we who decides the ultimate victory. Till this date no one represented us. Bloody fate.
A majority in arithmetics, just arithmetics. We’re controlled by a fringe group who neither work, but earn and rule, and for years I’m in an investigation how they really do so. A Minority fringe group holding up the entire majority. You really got to call them “CREATIVE MINORITY”.
Always i thought of questioning these mullers but that lady sitting in the road begging with her sexualized bra straps holds my breath. She is not allowed to stay at home. None gives her home and food, she’s barred from entering public places. Often gets cheated after work. Now all she wants is some food. I came near her pulled out a 500 rupee note and sat close to her, observed the surroundings and handed her the note after confirming that no one is staring at me.

I’m born in a valley. I belonged to a community that was called majority. Yes there were minorities. We lived in harmony. And that’s the culture naa?. The only place in the world where you rejoice true secularism is the brothels. None of them asks your religion nor your caste. No untouchability. Om prakash Valmiki and Dr Ambedkar will gaze of wonder if they visit our street. Brahmins to shudras, saints, presstitutes, politicians, theological gurus, officials everyone. The government should organise more centres like this to make this nation a more secular one. We’re proud, no mob lynching cases filed yet.

Life in valley was soo good. smell of pine wind, the gossips of housewives and the lovely lady Kashturbha. When i was a kid it was my maa who told she’s bad. I asked why?. She sleeps in morning and wakes at night. And that’s how she threatened me. when i woke late. Vijaya you’re becoming a bad girl, she used to say as i woke late. Being bad was something unacceptable for me. As i grew i found men visiting Kashturba at night.
I remember that day when i saw her. It was late evening. She smiled at me and I was exhausted. I didn’t smile back. Do bad girls smile?, became the thought of the day.

I’m hungry, had a quick shower and applied a drop dettol over my cut. I started setting fire for dinner. Parathas
My mom makes the best parathas in our valley. Boys and girls all around our home came just to taste her parathas. Yeah it’s all true, but she was the one who let the situations off control and lit up fire in the valley. Just like she sets fire for making parathas, wood over the wood.

It was that time few minority invaders came to the valley. It was Friday late evening and my mom was closing the shop. The shutters were almost done. Couple of men came for purchase. I was all alone at home. Paa has gone to take the load. Maa was in a hurry, they asked her for something which she haven’t revealed till her death. But later i heard from neighbours she’d slapped a man.

I was 16 by that time. Maa came too late. I spotted light in kasthurba’s bed room. Infact that was the only relief I had. Maa came home. What surprised me was there wasn’t a single snack packet, she indeed made some bizarre comments when i got out home. She always brought me snack packets. Why not today? I murmured. Light from Kasthurba’s home faded. I slept keenly observing it.

Next day i woke up seeing paa. Snack packets, dresses, sweets lay on the table. My maa used to hide those snack and sweet packets and i got it in ration.
These minorities are irradicals said my paa. Why should we fear?. After all we are the Majority.
The complaint was raised to the valley cheif. “They often gift us. Why should we trouble them, let’s give them a warning that’s enough” the chief commanded. My father warned the cheif about the small percentage of radicals who can silence the entire irradicals. The number of complaints grew rapidly. The cheif looked helpless or rather hopeless. By the time the majority society was split by a million reasons. Just like prostitution lady groups we have here today .

The cheif finally announced his verdict “THE MINORITY SHOULD FLEE”. That judgement was too late, the minorities have already oiled the conversion factories. A creative ideological minority were set.

It’s shivering cold and i lit up the woods
I kept my eyes shut and tight facing the fire. The valley was burning. The worst nightmare i often see even I’m awake.
The valley was melting in fire, I saw children turning ashes. My paa was slaughtered, my maa beaten to death. I saw the majority running with fire all over the body. Even the cheif was doing the Agni Sudhi!. I sneaked under my bed, the biggest mistake I’ve ever committed.
Why why and why??? I often wonder.
The next morning i saw the fuming Valley. People crawling, crying and migrating. Every one was weeping. Still the minority kept attacking them. Tears in everyone’s eyes. There i met the bold lady kasturbha. She didn’t shed a drop of tear although all her belongings turned ashes. I went next to her she smiled like ever before . We got to migrate she told. She rooted me here before fifteen years
I now knew why she stood bold. Experience. Bad lady. How bad is she?. Till her death she haven’t let me down. Bad lady, you just ruined my whole life. I smiled.

Knock on the door. I let him in.
I already had three this day, still you really want me to carry on?.
C’mon lady i brought you a big shoot. You guys are the majority but hard to find spices like you. He winked at me. He’s the owner’s man better you please him.

The owner of the Majority. The man came in stared at my family photo. I’ll be ready in a minute i said

# AM MENON writes



  1. Do write more, you have good future in writings. personally your writings are good. try to do write the current situation in india. for example.. lets say Hanan Issue, there are lots of childs are getting trouble and no way to have food at least. and even one news will came in social media that the girl facing a challenge for doing her studies complete. flash news’s are coming.. lots of NRI are coming to invest money, donations etc.. and why they didn’t think about other people who doing begging, who living as orphans etc..
    write more …Mr. Aruni M Menon

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