There’s nothing more misapprehended than gaping at the map of a nation like INDIA. 28 states and 7 Union Territories. Fed up repeatedly hearing when you were a kid, unfortunately you’ve 29. There’s a rising concern about Brexit, even between us, but you don’t want USA to govern more than 50 states, so as Americans.

India isn’t packed solid, to be exact loosely bounded inner molecules could be shifted by factors both externally and internally. The borders are unpredictable. Often gets depleted over period of time. You must have to believe in some supernatural, we still remains the same. Thank God atleast some of us have started raising our voice at optimum.

Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Kutch to Kibithu. We excise horizontal and vertical belts. Behind every intervention, convenience is the main agenda. Preferably we had North South and North East. The greatest ever genocide by perpetrators. Which still prevails.

The two century slavery squeezed the entire nation in all means, so as our Genes. Homocides just screwed us. We had the epitome but bullied. It’s we who bullied just to have a lick.

Partition and Unity was hell enough. But why actually do we need this North South Divide?. Even after 72 years of Independence why hasn’t anyone dealt with this?.

People like Swami Vivekananda trashed the myths of Aryan infiltration.

Majesties in the West who still cannot atleast pretend to stabilise their inner core, a country they’ve looted. Literally Sucked!. Western people who claims to have monopoly over civilization fells pity to say India when it comes to history and evolution. The radicals, to highlight their supremacy proposed the crooked hypothesis and stupid irradicals just followed blindly. The pathetic and underrated drama starts.

Aryans were invaders who’d came from somewhere around the Globe, who just looted and killed the ancient ancestors of Bharat mercilessly. These bunch of intentionally toxicated lies exists inside and outside the nation. And the greatest evil one does in India is borrowing the purposefully calculated propaganda to their kids.

My intention of linking US with India might sound awkward. A kid of this generation for sure cannot tolerate the dishonour I’ve done to US. It was just to prove the sovereignty and sacredness of this mother nation.

Europeans haven’t found any land they just invaded it. The first environmentalist was the Red Indians. “Ones character is deeply contrasted in his act”. Hence the Europeans introduced their Aryan script in India. Which had brought all taboo.

No any Indian literature will ever give you proof for this slutty injustice. The archaeological evidences of Mohenjo-daro and Harappa from other countries indicates the existence of Bharat traditions, all over the globe. Antique collections are still being found from places which are destroyed by havoics and wars.

No single piece of evidence one alien enemy can project to disown us. The Vedas which stands immortal doesn’t at all give a hint of Arya Dravida and Aryan atrocity.

The first Aryan known as Manu is considered as Dravideshwara in Bhagavats which literally clarifies the sink between Arya Dravida. “they are a family “.

The horrific battle between Devas and Asuras was later elaborated and diluted to the Rama Ravana battle. This is the fate of every Indian, finds hard to get rid of these maligned history. Scholars who pretend to be the saviours of Democracy and Secularism have already maligned with unjustifiable facts, which got no roots at all. TYRANTS.

Devas and Asuras were sons of Kashyapa born to Dithi and Adhiti sisters. Hence proof for brotherhood proved. Ravana was a Brahmin scholar who had ample knowledge in all Vedas, a fact everyone neglects.

In Mahabharata, the Battle provides brief explanation of various groups and warriors who fought. Nothing anywhere at the edge gives you a scope of Arya Dravida group. But the incidents and propagation was so calculated and diluted. The Arya Dravida pseudo imagination keeps revolving around our culture and nation for centuries.

The wind has to flow from West, unless then we wouldn’t declare it fair. It’s true that Bharateeya Literatures are neglected to an extend considered inferior and outdated. Look how Europeans still drains and drills our brain.

No international Bestsellers can resolve this stuff. The only way to figure things out is study Vedas and Indian originated not fabricated literature. Which can truly bring ideological changes. For that one ought to become an Indian primarily, which a huge mass denies. One can be patriotic but unless he/she a nationalist nothing is going to CHANGE.

# AM MENON writes


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